Solar Container - Solar energy where you need it

Clean energy regardless of location

Why Solar Container?

The Solar Container is unique in the world.

It consists of a support frame attached to the container with hooks, and a fixing frame attached to the support frame with hinges.

When extended onto the container, the fixing frame has an angle of 20 degrees (increased angle possible with the Solar Container Battery design).

The raising and lowering of the fixing frame including panels is supported by two gas cylinders.

The fixing frame is mechanically secured after unfolding to prevent it from folding up on its own.


Photovoltaics on containers

The Solar Container structure consists of six 400 [W] panels each, fixed to the fixing frame with a unique system that allows it to remain rigid not only during static operation, but also during transport.

The Solar Container weighs only 420 [kg], which makes the installation easy to assemble and dismantle.

Advantages of the Solar Container


Resistant to high winds and corrosion (hot-dip galvanized)

Ease of use

Easy assembly and simple design for trouble-free operation


Can be stored and easily transported (10 units on a vehicle)


An ideal base for use in a variety of working conditions.

We offer several versions

Our offer includes several types of solar containers adapted to the various needs of our Customers.

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